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1 Hour Masterclass ?

Introduction to the art of Tarot Reading

How does Tarot work?

Basic Spreads​

Learn to interpret the story of cards.

How to read Tarot without memorising the meaning of every card ?

How to read Tarot with confident & Some Secrets used by professional Tarot Card Reader

Most Important :


How Learning Tarot Can Help You

1: Discover your true identity and actively improve your decisions to take full control of your life.

2: Declutter your environment that doesn't support you.

3: Become emotionally independent and confidently chase your dreams.

4: While assisting thousands of people, create a satisfying income source.

5: Use the tarot's guidance to assist you in achieving your objectives in terms of your health, wealth, career, and relationships.

Meet Your Host !!

Luupa Mudrra Gogoi

Tarot Mentor & Life Coach.

Luupa Mudrra Gogoi is a celebrity Tarot card reader and a coach She is a national award winner and recognized as “The Most trusted tarot reader in North India”.

She has won the most prestigious Global Excellence award by ‘Padma Shree’ Anupam Kher, won the most powerful women transforming nation award by Vocal for Local initiative by Government of India, she was also awarded for the most trusted numerologist in India by Bollywood icon Mallaika Arora, She has been interviewed by Mypencildotcom magazine Recently she has appeared in Zee business channel and live news, She has Worked with different media platform like jyotish punj TV, Astro talk etc

She has served over 20000+ clients and mentored 3000+student across the globe. She is on a mission to make 1 lakh women self-dependent.

She is the founder of ‘Trusted Viisions’ which spreads awareness on spirituality, this is a platform where she helps people overcome the hurdles of life through scientific tools and techniques including law of attraction and also to unleash the potential of infinite powers of universe to know the sole purpose of one’s life.

She even donates major of her earnings for welfare of society and mankind.

Who is this 1 Hour MasterClass For ?

If You are a Housewife who want to learn about the Tarot and how to read tarot cards

People who are working professional Or anybody who has a passion in Tarot Cards and Want to start a career around tarot cards.

If You are a beginner, have no prior experience and really want to Go deep into the world of tarot

People who are Interested in spirituality and self-discovery find tarot card reading to be a helpful tool.

If you're interested in exploring your inner world and gaining insights into your life,

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